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Donald Campbell Signed Autograph Page


Donald Campbell CBE (23 March 1921 – 4 January 1967) was a world speed record holder. He broke eight world records for speed on both land and water. He tragically died during an attempt on the water speed record on Lake Coniston in his Bluebird K7.
He was born in Kingston on Thames, Surrey in 1921. His father was Sir Malcolm Campbell a pioneer in speed records, who himself broke 13 world records during the 1920s and 1930s. This love of speed he passed onto his son Donald, who would continue the families record-breaking attempts post-war. On 4 January 1967, Campbell was making an attempt in his K7 on Lake Coniston. His first run was successful, but on the second run, the K7 flipped in the rough water and landed nose first at over 300mph. The boat disintegrated, and Campbell was killed instantly
Donald Campbell Bluebird

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Hand Signed Vintage autograph page signed by Donald Campbell, signed in blue ink and in good condition.

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